Super Conscious Conversations with Michael Hayes

Awakening to the Inner Master

June 4-5, 2016:  Los Angeles, California

Join Russell Bishop and Michael Hayes as we explore:

How is Spirit Calling You?

Have you ever felt the pull of something, but were unclear what that call was and where it was directing you? If you are feeling that invisible pull, if you are sensing that you are being called into an even greater level of consciousness or service, then Super Conscious Conversations may be for you.

Let Michael and Russell help you discover your own answers to questions like:

  • What is being revealed to you that is not yet visible
  • What are you being told that you do not yet hear?
  • How do I attune to the Inner Master? 

The challenge for many of us comes in trying to see with our physical eyes what can only be seen with our Spiritual eyes, to hear with our physical ears what can only be heard with our Spiritual ears.

Both the Old and New Testament are filled with references to people who have eyes but do not see, who have ears but do not hear.  Jesus called this question many times, perhaps best stated in Mark 4:12:  “they may be ever seeing but never perceiving, and ever hearing but never understanding”

Spirit is more than an invisible friend leaving a trail of breadcrumbs. Rather it is more like a “still small voice” struggling to be heard against the distractions of every day life. Due to a variety of factors – biological, psychological, neurological, karmic to name a few – it is all too easy to become numb to the deeper messages we most want to hear, to the visions we most want to see.


J-R put it this way You may ask and ask and ask -- and while you are asking, you are getting the answers, but you may be so busy thinking of the next question that you may miss the answers.  
      (Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise, p. 516)


The Purpose Of Super Conscious Conversations

Super Conscious Conversations starts from the premise that Spirit is ever present, always available to us if we only choose to awaken to its Presence.  As you have studied with the Traveler, you have undoubtedly found that your awareness of Spirit continues to expand.   Sometimes that awakening is obvious and profound, other times in ways much more subtle yet even more profound. 

By calling on the Inner Master, you may come to a greater understanding of your underlying karma, producing a greater understanding and acceptance of your current situation.  Acceptance does not mean that there’s no choice; rather, acceptance simply means acknowledging the presence of the current situation so that Spirit can reveal the next steps on your path.

We have all missed turns in the road that were there, we just didn't see them; we have all had that inner voice quietly telling us which way to go, we just didn't listen. How often has your mind blocked you from knowing, seeing or hearing inner direction?  

We invite you to join this profound experience of deepening clarity and communication with your Inner Master.


The Program:

A two day guided co-creation with a maximum of 15 people.

Using a combination of unique exercises and conversations, we will explore such important questions as:

  • What am I being drawn to that is not yet clear?
  • What is being revealed that I am not yet seeing?
  • Where am I on my path? What is my higher purpose?
  • How can I attune to my intuition and Inner Guidance?
  • How do I learn to see and trust the invisible?
  • How can I awaken to my Divinity?
  • Now what?  What’s next?


Michael brings gifts that allow him to see deeply into the heart of the situation as he listens for what is given from Spirit for the individual(s) before him. He is pragmatic and down to earth while presenting even the most metaphysical messages in a comprehensible, startlingly clear way.

Russell brings his own unique gifts of perception and clarity that form the basis of his Ministerial Blessing of clarity.  From that divinely inspired clarity, Russell is able to help people move past limitations of the mind to discover deeper messages from Spirit.


Conscious Conversations Is For People Who Are: 

  • Soul Centered and Spirit Focused
  • Successful, Seeking, and Curious
  • Open to new ways of thinking/seeing the world
  • Recognize the primacy of experience over symbols

When And Where:

June 4-5 2016

The home of Michael and Alisha Hayes

Los Angeles, CA

Saturday, June 4, 2016

  10:00 am Start
   1:00 pm Lunch
   6:00 pm End of Day One

Sunday, June 5, 2016 

  10:00 am Start
   1:00 pm Lunch
   4:00 pm End of Day Two 

Ending times are approximate and may vary depending on what's present in the room.


The Cost:

Super Conscious Conversations is offered in person for a registration fee of $995 or live streaming online for a registration fee of $495.  The normal general public tuition is $1,500 - $2,500.  We are confident that the weekend will be tremendously valuable and we invite you to join us in pioneering this groundbreaking opportunity.

Your $995 in person registration fee includes:

  • A seat in the circle
  • A lovely Journal
  • Lunch on Saturday and Sunday

You can also participate via streaming online for a registration fee of $495.  Streaming online participants will be able to watch and listen but will not be able to interact with the facilitators.



The Facilitators

Russell Bishop 

Russell Bishop

Russell has been a pioneer since the early days of the personal and professional development movement, helping people Make Differences Worth Making. He is fond of saying that he likes to help people get what they think they want as fast as possible so he can ask, “Was that it?” Russell believes that transformation is more about understanding WHY something is important to you rather than the goal itself.

Russell was ordained as a Minister in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness in November 1977.  His Ministerial Blessing includes clarity of speech and action “in your life, in your work and in the expression of every thought, and deed. This Blessing comes from the most high, and it comes without effort on your part.”   

In the late 1970's, Russell teamed up with his Spiritual teacher, John-Roger, to create Insight Seminars, blending personal and spiritual awareness to help people deal with the deeper, more heart-felt aspects of leading a more fulfilling life. In addition to his best selling book, Workarounds That Work: How to Conquer Anything That Stands in Your Way at Work, Russell has authored over 200 articles in such leading publications as The New York Times, Forbes, Strategy & Business, Crain's, The Huffington Post, and Psychology Today.

He holds bachelor degrees in History and Political Science, a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology from the University of California, Davis, and a Master of Spiritual Science degree from Peace Theological Seminary (PTS).  He has completed the course work for his Doctorate of Spiritual Science through PTS.  He has created and facilitated hundreds of programs for Insight Seminars and PTS.


Michael Hayes

Michael Hayes is a Spiritual Counselor and seminar leader who works with groups and individuals to transform their lives and awaken them to their spiritual nature. After 35 years and an international following, Michael is considered ‘The Counselor’s Counselor’ as he assists those who assist millions.

Michael began his spiritual work with others at the age of 21 after he received a profound spiritual healing for a disabling back condition. He was so moved and inspired by his experience that he offered his life to serving others as he had been served. He then set about learning all he could about Spirit, healing and how to awaken beyond suffering.

Within a year, Michael met John-Roger, a renowned Spiritual teacher. Upon shaking his hand, Michael had an almost instantaneous out of body experience with Jesus Christ where the greater purpose of his life was revealed to him. As Michael progressed he began to work very closely with John-Roger, assisting him with the greater spiritual work that was being done for many souls and for the planet itself.


Towards increasing his ability to assist others Michael studied extensively—gaining a M.A. degree from Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio in Counseling Psychology and Creative Development. He also completed the Masters In Spiritual Psychology Program from the University of Santa Monica and the Masters of Spiritual Science Program from Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy  and completed five years of study towards a Doctorate degree. Michael became an ordained minister in The Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA) in 1981.


What People Have to Say About Michael and Russell:


“If you have the opportunity, give yourself the luxury of this gift – you will be very, very pleased as you unwrap it. . . I'm not sure I have the vocabulary to describe the mastery that Russell brings to the room - regardless of what shows up, it seems the right answer comes forward each and every time.”

— Mike Visser, CEO SuperSprings International, MSIA Minister


Michael is blessed with an extraoridnary gift of spiritual awareness that allows him to see deeply into the heart of the situation.  His clarity and compassion offer gateways to accelerated transformation.  We've known him for 30 years and when we have need, he's the person we call."

— Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick, President and Chief Academic Officer, USM, Co-Authors of Loyalty to Your Soul, MSIA Ministers


“Truly authentic, loving facilitation allowing each of us to be who we truly are and the best of who we are to come forward; Conscious Conversations - a wonderful gift I have given myself and I am excited about the changes I am going to be making in my life.”

— Ursula Lamberti, Executive Leadership Coach, MSIA Minister


"Michael’s work has been invaluable to us over the last few years. Our business has been challenged with significant growth with many expanded opportunities and possibilities, and Michael’s highly perceptive coaching has proven invaluable in helping us clarify and refine our direction and focus. His counsel has not only given us the right input at the right time – it has also helped to train us in recognizing our own intuitive truths. We consider Michael a critical member of our team – personally and professionally."


"Russell possesses an uncommon ability to inspire clarity and provoke transformational change.  His powerful approach bridges the vast gap between theory and practical application.   

— David and Kathryn Allen, The David Allen Company, MSIA Minister


“I received immense value from Conscious Conversations  and I recommend that you participate in this delicious, elegant work. . . Russell helped me explore myself, become more present and move to my next level of authenticity.  I came away with a powerful affirmation that will support me in the next chapter in my life.”
— Jonathan Wygant, CEO, Big Speak, MSIA Minister

“I have worked for over 30 years as a Coach, Facilitator and a Consultant to extremely high performing individuals and Fortune 1000 companies. Over that period of time the only consultant I have needed to hire to advise me in all the different aspects of my life has been Michael Hayes. His advice has benefited me both professionally and personally and I have complete trust in his advise and counsel.” 

 — Joe Hubbard, CEO, Insight Seminars, MSIA Minister

“Conscious Conversations was exponentially transformational because of the brilliant coaching of Russell Bishop. The wisdom and guidance provided to each of us throughout the weekend was nothing short of brilliant.  I came away with priceless clarity, growth and healing ~ these are gifts you cannot buy, but rather gifts you receive when you invest in yourself.″

— Karen Moore, USM Grad, Spiritual Psychologist

“I have been engaged in a journey into my heart and connection with Spirit for the past five years.  Spirit was flowing through me and I got to experience the truth of my affirmation – I am that I am – experiencing the freedom to fully express the truth of who I am. I experienced masterful guidance into allowing me to open my heart and open to Spirit in ways that I have only experienced in very brief moments in my life! Whether or not you come in clear about what you want in life, if you just come in, unexpected value takes place.”

— Chuck Isen, Consultant and former est trainer, Novato, California

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