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#35 – Resistance and Boredom: Hostility Without Enthusiasm

Resistance and Boredom: Hostility Without Enthusiasm Somewhere along the line, we will bump into those who claim either the information is boring or that they are bored. Ever been bored? Boredom can be a fascinating subject to explore. Way back … Continue reading

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#30 – Resistance and Procrastination

Let’s take a look at another form of resistance often referred to as procrastination.  You may have already spotted that this is another of those “ion” words so we automatically realize that something will require action. You probably also have … Continue reading

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#29 – Resistance

Let’s get comfortable because this could get uncomfortable for some. As you have made your way through these thoughts, have you noticed that some part of you has resisted one or more elements of what has been suggested? I don’t … Continue reading

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