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#41 – The Ends are the Means

The Ends are the Means Very early on in this book, we wrote about Symbols vs. Experience. In that section, we suggested that people often focus on the symbols side of the equation, hoping that they will eventually wind up … Continue reading

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#33 – The Universe Rewards Action, not Thought

The Universe Rewards Action, not Thought Continuing to put this altogether, let’s look a bit more closely at something we said earlier about “energy follows thought.” You may recall that we are talking about the role of imagination (image in, … Continue reading

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#30 – Resistance and Procrastination

Let’s take a look at another form of resistance often referred to as procrastination.  You may have already spotted that this is another of those “ion” words so we automatically realize that something will require action. You probably also have … Continue reading

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#29 – Resistance

Let’s get comfortable because this could get uncomfortable for some. As you have made your way through these thoughts, have you noticed that some part of you has resisted one or more elements of what has been suggested? I don’t … Continue reading

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#28 – Commitment, Imagination and Affirmation

Commitment: The Secret Sauce You may have heard the old cliché, “99% is a bitch; 100% is a breeze.” My apologies for the apparently crude language; however, nothing I have ever heard comes even close to capturing the essence of … Continue reading

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