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#33 – The Universe Rewards Action, not Thought

The Universe Rewards Action, not Thought

Continuing to put this altogether, let’s look a bit more closely at something we said earlier about “energy follows thought.” You may recall that we are talking about the role of imagination (image in, act out) and how well constructed thoughts can help produce the energy necessary to bring those thoughts to fruition.

For some of you, what I’m about to write may seem, well, obvious. For others, this may shake you a bit. If it does shake you somewhere, have the wit to notice and consider that if it is shaking somewhere inside, it is with good reason.

Most likely the shaking is self imposed. I am definitely not shaking you, nor are the words on this page. However, if you do find yourself shaking, you might consider that part of the internal message is that some part of your life foundation may not be all it has been cracked up to be. (Living as I do in the land of many earthquakes, I couldn’t resist the bad joke here. Ok, I could have – but I didn’t choose to.)

Many of us have built our lives on beliefs (remember the section on beliefs?) and ideas we have accepted from others as truth. One such notion is the power and importance of thought.

Shakespeare wrote, “For there is no good or bad but that thinking makes it so.” Others have adapted that piece of thought expressed by Hamlet, and morphed it into a somewhat newer cliché that goes something like: “nothing is true except as thinking makes it so.”

So what does this have to do with anything? Well, rather a lot I might suggest. This could be straightforward or a bit convoluted, so please just hang in here a bit more and see what turns up.

We wrote earlier that the body can’t distinguish between a well imagined thought and reality. Again, the simple idea that you can fantasize about eating a favorite food and find saliva turning up in your mouth to help digest what you haven’t really consumed. So, if the body feels something, does that make it true, or at least present? Of course not.

However, if you persist in a thought long enough, you may find yourself generating the energy or enthusiasm to get up and go do something about it. In the simplest form, you could persist in the thought about eating that particularly yummy food, and wind up getting up to go find some. I know I have done that sitting at home, thinking about the ice cream I don’t have, and wound up driving to the store to buy some.

So, energy follows thought. But that doesn’t mean that action follows energy. Sometimes, I have found myself daydreaming about something, getting all hot and bothered inside about it, and still wind up doing nothing.

What comes from that process? Not much, or at least not much here in the physical world.  My daydreams might be nice, but daydreaming about a new car seldom produces a new car. It is the action associated with getting the new car that produces the new car.

Here’s where it gets a bit twisted. You can daydream about the new car (or job or relationship or just about anything else for that matter), begin to put a lot of energy out into the universe about wanting the object of your desires, and then wind up with numerous choices.

Sometimes, the choice is as obvious as going to the car dealership where they sell those kinds of cars and buying one. This one is easy if you already have the wherewithal to buy one. Another, less obvious choice, is to enter a raffle where that kind of car is being raffled off (can’t win if you don’t enter kind of thinking). Another choice is to simply tell as many people as you can about your ideal outcome, and maybe someone will present you with a gift (not the most common occurrence, but it does happen!)

There are any number of scenarios where starting with a vision of a desired outcome winds up with a result to match. Some are more obvious than others in terms of active participation, some are less obvious – “how the heck did they wind up with that?”

The basic answer I would like you to consider is: The Universe Rewards Action, not Thought.

What that means is that as much as you can sit there and think about what you might want in your life, as much as you can be clear in your vision and support that vision by affirmations, as much as you can stay focused and positive in your mind, you probably are going to have to get up and get actively involved in producing what you want.

That’s because The Universe Rewards Action, not Thought.

This gets tricky because there are so many different ways of creating out there.

Some will need to get out there and work their tails off to produce the income to buy the car. Others will just dip into their sizeable bank accounts. Still others will find that letting others know of their intention somehow attracts to them the means to produce the object of their desire.

Like I said, there are many ways to produce the outcome in the physical world. Very rarely, though, does someone create a clear vision, support that vision with positive thoughts and affirmations, and have the car show up in their living room while they are busy thinking about it and visualizing the good outcome. (I suppose it’s possible for the car to show up in the living room – it’s just not very likely to be a positive outcome J)

So, the key here is active participation.

Imagine for a moment that there is something out there called “The Universe” and that it holds the ability to produce whatever you might like in your life, be it on the Symbols side or the Experience side. With all the “I-wish-I-had” thoughts being sent, how is “The Universe” going to respond?

The theory here is that The Universe Rewards Action, not Thought. What that means is that if you start working in the direction of your desired outcome, you are likely to be met by a supporting force in helping you get there.

Now, whether you believe in “The Universe” or not is pretty much irrelevant. There may be some big source out there waiting for you to get clear and move on your clarity. Even if there isn’t, there is somebody inside yourself who is paying attention to what you tell yourself.

How many times have you told yourself that you were going to do something (eat in a more appropriate and healthy manner, exercise regularly, save money, etc) and haven’t followed through? When you tell yourself through your thoughts, imaginations, daydreams, etc that something is important to you, that little person inside is listening, the one who has heard it so many times before.

How does that person inside of you know when you mean it or not? It could be as simple as whether you take action on your thoughts or not.

And when you do take action, just about any action, you begin to produce some kind of result or experience. If you are developing your awareness skills, you will begin to notice whether the action you are taking is moving you in the desired direction or not. And, as you notice whether you are “on course” or “off course,” you will develop additional clarity about the way forward and choices you can make. (Sound familiar?)

Sometimes, even when you take the “wrong” path forward, you develop additional insights, awareness, or other forms of inner knowledge, that allow you to perceive a choice, an avenue, a way forward that you had not previously perceived.

Sometimes the reward from the universe is more knowledge about how to produce whatever you are seeking. Sometimes the reward is greater clarity about what you would prefer over what you have been seeking. And sometimes the reward is an unexpected “gift.”

The key point is that in order to produce more of what you truly want in life, you will probably need to (a) be clear about what you want and (b) become engaged in producing it. Hence, energy follows thought and the universe rewards action, not thought.

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