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#2 Acknowledgement and Introduction

While many have encouraged me to write this book, my good friend and spiritual teacher, John-Roger (J-R), has been an inspiration, and a constant supporter in the process. I first met John-Roger in 1973 through his writings and lectures on “Soul Transcendence.” (The principle of Soul Transcendence focuses on becoming aware of your self as a Soul and as one with God. The soul is who we truly are, more than the body, thoughts or feelings.)

At the time, I was a newly minted educational psychologist, with a background in Gestalt psychology, existential phenomenology and large group awareness training. While the education and psychological approach to learning and development had served me well, enabling me to make great strides in self-confidence and self-expression, I still felt a bit disconnected in ways I did not understand.

Through the writings and practical study techniques J-R taught, I became aware that the disconnect was with my True Self, with who I truly am, with my Soul. I had developed a pretty good intellectual ability, explored the depths of my emotions, and become a fairly fit physical specimen. Yet, with all the mental, emotional and physical abilities that I had developed, something still felt amiss.

As it turns out, what was amiss was my ability to listen to my Soul.

This book explores some of the lessons I have learned, and many that I continue to have the opportunity to learn, about the difference between listening to my Self-Talk and listening to my Soul-Talk.

In many ways, a phrase I first developed when creating Insight Seminars in 1978 still resonates: becoming more of who you already are. The core themes of Insight Seminars, a personal transformation seminar, focused on awareness, responsibility, accountability, and choice. Insight grew from a spare bedroom in my Santa Monica home to a world wide training and development company operating all over the world. Well over one million people have participated in Insight Seminars in the US, Great Britain, Europe, Israel, Russia, Africa, Australia and South America, discovering more of whom they truly are and finding ways to integrate that expression of the True Self into their daily lives.

We will explore the core themes of awareness, responsibility, accountability, and choice in this book. These themes hold significant insights into the power each of us possess to create life in a more powerful and meaningful way. When we add the ability to connect to the inner awareness of the Soul, most will discover a richer, fuller experience of life, one that sustains and grows in ways we often hear about, but seldom imagine as possible for ourselves.

I mentioned that John-Roger had been an inspiration, and it was through his writings and suggestions about spiritual practices that I discovered a deeper connection into my Soul. As I deepened that connection, I found that the quality of my life experience improved dramatically, even if the circumstances seemed little different to those on the outside looking in. Paradoxically, the deeper the connection to awareness of myself as Soul, the more I could create in terms of physical or material level abundance and the less it seemed to matter. Learning the source of my satisfaction has been quite inspiring.

John-Roger began encouraging me to write a book about my experiences and lessons over twenty years ago. Apparently, I needed a lot of support and encouragement to actually sit down and do the writing.

Or, more to the point, I needed a lot of attempts before I finally committed to getting this done. I must have started this book at least 25 times, and each time I ran out of confidence in my ability to get it done. Just more proof that these really are life lessons to be learned and deepened over time, not one time curriculum lessons that fade into the background once learned.

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  1. John Bedosky says:

    Dear Russell,

    I am interested in reading more and to finding out when your book will be published. Please keep posting on your blog and stay in touch.

    Thank you.


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